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Do you love real estate and learning all the ways you can use it to create a great life and future?  You've come to the right place!

Below is my curated library of talks around everything from understanding considerations and factors in your first purchase to tax advantages in a vacation home.

Listen, watch, learn, ask questions and take action!

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Analysis of Investment Types & Options 

Below is a great series by Brady Mullen which are perfect for those who like to SEE how things work and experiment with variables to get a deeper and more complete understanding of real estate investing.


Brady does a beautiful job of putting the confounding (and compounding) factors of real estate in coherent terms.

Brady Mullen

Elizabeth Kunz

Financial Advisor
Lifetime Real Estate Advisors

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Want to look at your specific options?  Brady has shared with me all the proforma tables he uses in these analyses so we can input your variables and see what may be possible.  When we have some interesting scenarios, we'll dive into the details and review together with your lender and CPA. 

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