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The Old North End

This is one of my favorites.  It is where I grew up and purchased a home so my kiddos could walk to their grandparent's house.  (This is my daughter playing in their side yard --->)


The Old North End is situated about 1/2 mile North of downtown. It is one of the only classical-style neighborhoods in the city with square blocks, alleyways, side walks, wide avenues with medians and large trees. It's boundaries are Uintah on the South, Monroe to the North, Wahsatch to the East and Culebra to the West. It is a Registered Historical Neighborhood which can mean valuable tax credits if any restoration is needed. Some of the oldest and most beautiful homes in the city are located here.


Price Range: $450,000 - $2,800,000


If this is an area that interests you, please give me call.  I am happy to set up a customized MLS search for this neighborhood so you can get an idea of pricing and variety.

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