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Land Specialist

turn your vacant land into cash

  • determine price

  • photograph

  • write the copy

  • create publications

  • advertise

  • answer calls

  • schedule showings

  • meet buyers

  • negotiate terms

  • use the appropriate paperwork

  • title work (check & clear leans, encumbrances, back taxes, etc)

  • warranty deed & transfer

  • record documents

I offer a simple, turn-key process which allows you to continue normal living while ensuring a clean and profitable sale of your land.

Without the proper time, skill and knowledge, selling vacant land can be a daunting task. 

You can try to find an agent who is experienced and competent in vacant land sales, or do it all yourself:


  • I have over 16 years of experience in property evaluation, communication and smooth closings.

  • I have relationships with numerous buyers, meaning we may be able to sell without listing, reducing closing time and costs.

  • no more taxes on land you don't use

  • transaction can be 100% remote

  • you free up money for new adventures


Do you have land you would like to turn into cash?

I have buyers looking for everything from city infill lots to land for their mountain get-aways.  If I don't already have the perfect buyer, I will market it to the widest audience helping you get top dollar.

If you are thinking about selling, or simply want answers to questions or some ideas on land use, please call or text me. I would welcome the opportunity to assist you.

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Contact Me

Elizabeth Kunz   |    |   719.237.5869

1 Acre


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