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Less posturing, more service... please


I have purchased two homes using realtors. I carefully defined exactly what I wanted. In each case, the realtor must not have listened, because she didn't respond with a list of matching homes.  We wasted our time looking at houses that didn't satisfy many of my criteria.  Both times I wound up driving through neighborhoods I liked looking for "for sale" signs and eventually found the house on my own.  This is simply not professional.

Here is how I work with my clients:

  • Together, we list your criteria.

  • Within a day, I create your Home-Search Website (updated continuously from the MLS database) listing only properties matching your criteria containing full property details: address, interactive mapping, interior and exterior photos, room dimensions, taxes ...

  • You peruse the listings, then comment upon and sort them (favorites, possibilities, rejects).

  • I respond to your comments and we select and schedule the properties to be visited.

  • Your offer is an electronic document - made, negotiated and finally signed by computer.

  • In preparation for closing - I create a website, shared only by you and me, which contains all of the contractual documents, a calendar with all the event dates and deadlines, contact information for all the parties involved, the inspection report and other related documents.

  • I work as your advocate.

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