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Solutions for Seniors

I am passionate about helping retirees making their real estate investments work for them.  I'll help you find...


  • reverse mortgage solutions

  • passive and active income streams

  • turn-key equity solutions to pay for care or retirement living


Funding Community Care


Do you need equity from your house to pay for community living, but determining how to downsize, what improvements to make and the 100 other significant items needed to prepare the property for the market, seems insurmountable? 


I created Turnkey Equity to solve this very common problem.  It is a single-interface, one-decision solution. You take only what you want from them house and tell me when you want to close - I take care of the rest.

Vacation Homes

Luxury Beach House

Do you want a vacation home to create cherished life-long memories for the whole family?  Most people are unaware of finance, income and tax-savings options that can make this a reality.

Imagine... your children and grandkids all gathering this Thanksgiving at your new Vacation Home!

Income Streams


Did you know you can use your IRA account to directly purchase investment properties within the account?

We will determine which properties best fit your income, investment diversity and tax-savings goals.  Then we'll work with great mortgage specialists and self-directed-IRA custodians to make your purchase(s) simple and streamlined. 

Equity Tapping


Learn how use equity in your home to eliminate mortgage payments, finance repairs or remodels, purchase a vacation home, travel, learn new skills or a hundred other things you would love to do. 

Want to look at your specific options?  Brady has shared with me all the proforma tables he uses in these analyses so we can input your variables and see what may be possible.  When we have some interesting scenarios, we'll dive into the details and review together with your lender and CPA. 

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