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Are you


for your part of

​The Springs?

Security Through Ownership



What is your goal?
Is it an end goal or an infinite goal?

Do you need a starter home, a family base, a turnkey flat, a creative space, a home that also provides income?

Defining your goal
provides clarity, gives focus, and
defines your options.



Now we know our target, we know what we are hunting, what tools and tactics we need to employ and where to look.

Whether your feet are on the ground here or 2000 miles away, we will co-ordinate remote viewing, analysis and negotiation for your home.



The competition is fierce right now.  Having steps 1 and 2 in place and a system to revisit and adjust our strategy often, gives us the edge we need to achieve your goal.

We will pivot and adapt. We will be resourceful and intelligent. And, in the end, we will secure your perfect part of Colorado Springs.

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Contact Me

Elizabeth Kunz   |    |   719.237.5869

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