Colorado Springs Realty
John Holcomb

Why You Should Choose Our Team To Be Your Agent

During law school, this broker took two year-long courses which relate to the ever-increasing complex practice of real estate – contract law and real property law.  For you, this broker as a Buyer Agent or a Seller Agent will:

  • Discuss with you why you want your REALTOR® to be an “Agent” and NOT a Transaction Broker, what the critical legal differences are, and why some REALTORS® are afraid to be a Buyer or Seller Agent.
  • Discuss MLS home search and market analysis plans which can be sent directly to your email addresses.
  • Get to you and review with you early on a blank purchase offer form so you can start becoming familiar with it (now 15 pages long).
  • Discuss mortgage and appraisal issues with you, including having a local and direct lender to get that started asap – if you have not already.
  • Discuss the home inspection process, what inspection results can or might mean, what is expected of a seller, and seller obligations.
  • Keep you fully informed on a timely basis with timely copies of all transaction documents as the transaction proceeds.
  • Review the Title Commitment with you in person or on the phone and discuss what a title commitment and title insurance are.
  • Attend the home inspection.  (Their are REALTORS® who are afraid to go to their own buyer’s home inspection.)
  • Discuss ways to protect your identity and credit information, including how to have or not have your name on your deed.

If you are considering buying a home in a Home Owner Association (HOA), we will discuss:

  • How HOAs and covenants relate to each other, and the differences between an HOA and Covenants Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs).

  • The current and very serious issues for a buyer who is buying into an HOA, or a seller selling such as disclosure obligations.

  • If you buy in an HOA, discuss with you in person or on the phone the significance of HOA documents.

  • Last but not least, you can call this Buyer or Seller Agent at any time on any day.